The most beloved (and most lauded) hairdresser in all of Washington


Ury has the vision to come up with a style that suits you.”


UnTop-notch haircuts, skin care, make up, styling

Harper's Bazaar

Ury devises cuts that are flexible, that can be dressed up or down. The results are classic, modern and most of all, flattering.”



“A hair style has to look as if it ‘belongs’ to that person,” says Ury Emsellem who designs each cut to fit the face, profession and spirit of each client. Voted among Washington’s top salons for more than twenty years, Ury has the magnetism and talent that keeps his clients looking their best; both behind the scenes and in the national spotlight.


He has an eye for spotting and cultivating young talent assembling a team of stylists, colorists and beauty specialists. Emsellem came to the United States with the purpose of studying international law after serving in the Israeli army. He landed in Washington, DC in 1967 where he became the favorite stylist of Washington Post legend Katherine Graham.

With every cut, his reputation continues to grow as women still stop strangers on the street to pose that all important question: “Excuse me, if you don’t mind me asking, who cuts your hair?” Devoted clients flock to Ury for his great cuts, unerring sense of style and his intelligent and heartfelt conversation. An avid tennis player and married with three children, Ury inspires confidence. One client, a United States Senator, was so impressed with Emsellem’s knowledge and insight that he hired him as a consultant during the Israel-PLO peace treaty negotiations. Thankfully for his Washington clients, Ury never left his day job."




Enjoying all the accolades of “top hair colorists and hair stylists in the DC area”, we at Ury & Associates are internationally trained and travelled seeking out the latest color trends and cuts. In addition, our chemical department provides Japanese straightening to ladies who desire silky, sleek and healthy hair.



WASHINGTONIAN September 2008

Expensive but Worth it

Ury & Associates, 3109 M St., Georgetown; 202.342.0944. Want a stylist who pays full attention to you and doesn't jump between clients? Want a great cut that grows beautifully? Ury Emsellem takes his time with each client- one reason his cuts are $135 to $150. The salon is very private- it's accessed via an elevator in the Steve Madden shop- just right for such VIP clients as Sally Quinn and Nora Ephron. Patricia Dias is recommended for color.